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Ekiya offers a unique design experience for individuals and SME’s by providing simple, intuitive web, and mobile applications.

Web Development

We have expertise in working with both front end and back end applications to give complete web and mobile solutions.

Cloud Computing

We have the ability to offer cloud computing services which include data storage in computing power without direct active management by the user.

Information System Development

We major in system engineering and software engineering for planning, creating, testing and deploying information systems.

Business Intelligence Tools

These includes IoT,

IT Consultancy

These includes IoT,

Web Hosting

We have knowledge in posting websites or webpages on the internet.

API Integration

We c

IT Consultancy

These includes IoT,


The pricing of any digital service is fully dependent on the deliverables.

Here’s a general guide.





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Selected Works

We’ve worked on numerous projects but here are some of our selected works.

Le Decanter eCommerce Web App

Le decanter is an online wine shop that is full of elements of design, payment integration.

Its Ability for Cognitive Website

Its Ability is a project designed to help signers communicate their health care information through image processing.

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